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Excelsior is an exciting and beneficial product for not only your packaging needs, but for other unique circumstances. Excelsior contains aspen, pine, spruce, and eucalyptus. It is curled up and compressed together, making it an efficient product for packaging and construction. Excelsior not only has an extensive list of uses, but it is the preferred choice of environmentally conscious consumers. Take the time to learn more about this great product available through S. Walter Packaging. We think this versatile product will astound you.

In its simplest form, excelsior is made from wood slivers shaved from tree logs. Depending on the thickness of the stock, this product can be categorized into six different grades. One of the greatest features of excelsior is its ability to expand after it has been compressed. This product is also extremely resilient. These two characteristics make excelsior suitable for any number of purposes.

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