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Baled excelsior is an all natural aspen fiber product manufactured from Great Lakes aspen. The unique curled fibers with barbed edges gives the fibers an interlocking feature that provides uses in many markets and for diverse applications. Excelsior fibers are widely used in construction, filtration, evaporative cooling, casket bedding, packaging, cushioning, display, archery target butts, crafts and many other applications.

Excelsior WoodThe name excelsior originated in America and excelsior has been manufactured in the United States for over a century. Excelsior consists of thin, narrow, curled strands of Great Lakes Aspen which have barbed edges that provide an interlocking feature. In the United States excelsior has no other general name; however, in many other countries excelsior is commonly known and referred to as wood wool. Another property of excelsior of great importance is its resiliency, which is the ability to readily expand after compression. The combination of resiliency and the interlocking feature of the fibers makes excelsior highly suitable for many diverse applications.

Special length bales can also be custom ordered. In addition to being an all natural product, excelsior fibers are 100% biodegradable, safe and easy to work with. Aspen is purchased only from forest companies who are members of the Sustainable Forest Initiatives (SFI). Aspen is a renewable resource and we take great pride in our environmental stewardship.

  • Excelsior Wood is used in archery
  • Excelsior Wood is used as a casket bed riser
  • Excelsior Wood is used as animal bedding
  • Excelsior Wood is used to protect items in transit

Available Sizes of EXCELSIOR

Excelsior is available in Bales and 10Lb. It is also offered in three different styles: Standard, Fine and Ribbon Cut.


  • Standard Excelsior - #732
  • Fine Excelsior - #332
  • Ribbon Cut Excelsior - #208/308
  • Standard Excelsior
  • Fine Excelsior
  • Ribbon Cut Excelsior


  • Single Bale
    measures: 36x16x18
  • Double Bale
    measures: 36x32x18
  • Triple Bale
    measures: 36x48x18
  • Single Bale Excelsior
  • Double Bale Excelsior
  • Triple Bale Excelsior


  • 10 lb. Box
  • 10 lb. box of Excelsior